Rosary Stables offers private riding lessons (dressage, jumping, flat work and cross country schooling) for advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced riders (student must be at least 10 years old). Lessons are available from Tuesday through Sunday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.  You are welcome to ship-in your own horse!

Lessons are offered by our experienced and qualified French instructor Aurélie Vilmer. Please note that thanks to our indoor arena, we usually ride rain or shine.


The Rosary Show Team competes every weekend at different levels of showing (eventing and jumping). Currently the show team participates at PG Equestrian Center jumping shows (BEST horse shows) Swan Lake Horse Shows, Recognized Horse Trials (Loch Moy Farm, Fair Hill, Full Moon Farm, Waredaca, Seneca Valley Pony Club, Marlborough Horse Trials) and the local Starter Trials.

How to register for a lesson:

  1. Contact Rosary Stables to set up an evaluation ride.
  2. Download, complete and email the registration forms below (Horseback Riding Agreement and Liability, Lesson Agreement and Rosary Stables Barn Policy)
  3. Pay online using PayPal below.


  • 1 Hour Private Lesson (boarded horse or school horse) – $70                 ++++++ our lesson program is currently FULL +++++
  • 1 Hour Private Lesson (trailer-in to ride own horse) – $70                       ++++++ we have openings for trailer-in lessons +++++
  • 1 Hour Training Ride (instructor rides owner’s horse) – $40
  • Show Training/ coaching – $100/hr

If you purchase lessons in blocks of 10, you receive a 10% discount.

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Minimum Basic Skills Required For Lessons

Advanced Beginner:
  • Can groom and tack without assistance, adjust your own stirrups
  • Can comfortably walk, trot (posting and sitting) and canter
  • Can complete 10 and 20 meter circles at trot
  • Can consistently identify diagonals at trot
  • Can hold the horse in a straight line off of track
  • Can trot over a ground pole and hold a jumping (elevated) position
  • Comfortable bathing a horse
  • Can identify minor cuts, scratches and injuries, identify a lame or unsound horse

  • Explain & properly use a half halt, and rein-back
  • Feel diagonals and leads without looking
  • Adjust pace & stride at trot, comfortably sit trot
  • Can complete a 20 meter canter circle
  • Canter & complete 2′ course without stirrups or bareback
  • Trot or canter over 6 fences set at 2’6″ including bending lines and gymnastics
  • Turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, working through serpentines, half turns
  • Holds a proper leg position at all gaits, can properly use spurs
  • Correct use of the inside leg and outside rein to create bend
  • Understand the use of different bits
  • Can properly lunge a horse
  • Consistently complete a square halt, counter canter, simple changes of lead
  • Can change between half-seat and full seat at trot and canter
  • Can adjust horse’s strides in jumping line
  • Comfortable jumping a 2’6″ course without stirrups
  • Change of direction through a circle, shoulder-in, half-pass
  • Create a “supple” frame, put the horse on the bit
  • Basic conformation of the horse
  • Proper tack fitting

  • Comfortable at hand gallop
  • Flying changes of lead at canter
  • Can set fences and strides
  • Halt in a course of fences, proceed to a fence at trot
  • Comfortable jumping a 3′ course, without stirrups