Trail Riding

Trail Riding

At Rosary Stables, your dream comes true : you will be able to trail ride along endless miles of marked trails that offer varied landscape, including rolling hills, crossing water and little bridges, wooded trails during summer if you are looking for fresh air, huge flat fields if you are looking to have nice canters… yes, because trotting and cantering are welcome on our trails!

You can ride anywhere from half an hour to up to 4 hours or more. We have listed the most popular trail ride options; we’re also happy to customize one just for you.

  • 2 hour trail ride (including grooming and tacking horses) – $100/person

Because some of the trails can be steep, narrow and challenging, all of our trail rides are for advanced beginner to experienced riders.

Are you ready to enjoy a trail riding experience with us? Call us or e-mail us to set up an appointment.

Trail rides are for current lesson students only. No public trail riding, meaning that you won’t be allowed to come in, rent a horse and go alone on the trails.

Register for a Trail Ride

  1. Contact Rosary Stables to set up a day/time.
  2. Download, complete and email the registration forms below (Horseback Riding Agreement and Liability, Lesson/Trail Ride Agreement and Rosary Stables Barn Policy) to us.
  3. Pay online using the PayPal button below to book your trail ride.
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Trail Ride Rules

  1. DO NOT leave the trail. Stay behind the trail guide or the rider in front of you. Ride single file, facing forward, one leg on either side of the horse. DO NOT pull alongside or pass another horse. Obey the instructions of the trail guide(s) at all times.
  2. Keep a safe distance between horses. We recommend keeping at least one to two horse lengths behind the horse in front of you.
  3. If you have a medical condition such as asthma, severe allergy, heart condition, are pregnant or have any other condition for which we would need to modify your ride, please inform your trail guide prior to departure.
  4. You must wear a shirt, long pants, and shoes at all times.
  5. All riders are required to wear a stable provided equestrian helmet for the duration of the ride.
  6. Trail rides are for lesson students only.